---- NEWS: In honor of the up coming Easter Holiday we wanted to let you know that there
is an easter egg in Red700. Winners who find the egg will get their name and a website
of their choice added to our site. Just use the comment box on Contact Us to submit your info
and tell us the proccess to get the Egg! Good luck! (note: please no vulgar website submissions).

The RainbowWare Project was designed to help computers users make the most of there computing experience.
Just like a rainbow, which come and go at lighting speeds and have many wonderful features, The RainbowWare
Project attempts to balance features and speed. Because we favor open communication and the sharing of ideas, our
current products are being
distributing as donationware so you, the users, can choose how much, if any you wish
to pay.

Our first program that is avaible for download is Red700; each program represents a color of the rainbow and the
wavelength it equals. In this case Red has a wavelength of 700 nanometers. Click Products to find out more about
how Red700 can speed up your computer.